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City Bingo – The City Cat Has Landed in Las Vegas

by Penny Walker

Last week we were all left guessing where the City Cat would land up next. It appears he has landed in Las Vegas, but what does this mean to you? It means that if you are a member of City Bingo, you do have the chance to win…wait for it….A trip to Las Vegas – land of Elvis – for two!

The City Cat is there to celebrate the King of Rock n' Roll’s birthday and he does not want to do this alone – he wants you to have a blast too. Their Vegas Game plays on the 31st January, and you can earn free cards to win it. All you intrepid explorers out there – if Sin City is somewhere you have dreamed of going – this promotion could be happening at exactly the right place and time.

Earn free bingo cards to play, by playing all of your favourite Bingo and Instant games; then follow your own progress on their Vegas leader-board. Earn 1000 points and 1 bingo card will be yours for free. Set your soul on fire if you dare and get playing right away. This is the world's ultimate entertainment destination, and the prize consists of:

Return flights to Sin City from London
Three nights accommodation at the Caesars Palace Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip (Luxury)
£300 spending money

Now that's what we call a 'Star' Prize!

You receive:

3 points for every Pound worth of Bingo play

3 points for every Pound worth of Instant Games play

1,000 points for every bingo on the pattern 8

1,000 points for every bingo on the number 1

In case you did not know or had not guessed - Elvis' birthday is on the 8th of January. To purchase cards into this game it will cost you £5 each, so, you can see what a bargain you are getting; when you are getting them for free!

Mobile slots. £5 free for bingobase fans.

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