90 Ball Bingo - UK Bingo

90-Ball Bingo is the bingo game traditionally played in the United Kingdom and Australia. The game is similar to 75-Bingo, where players purchase Cards/Tickets (or play�free bingo), then mark the numbers that are called and hope to be the first player who correctly completes the winning pattern.

Although the basic foundations of the two games are the same there are many differences. In the 90-Ball Bingo cards have three rows and nine columns. Five squares in each row contain numbers ranging from 1 to 90 and the rest are blank.

The winning patterns are always the same and there are usually three patterns in each game. Each game has three patterns and each of the three patterns has a prize associated with it. The patterns include:

(1) Single Line Across (Line) - The first player to correctly cross off any horizontal Line

(2) Two Lines Across (Two Lines) - The first player to correctly cross off any two horizontal Lines

(3) Full House - The first player to correctly cross off all three Lines

Below are some example 90 ball bingo tickets illustrating each. Each pattern has a corresponding prize that would be won by that player.

Single Line Bingo Game

online bingo 90 ball - One line

Single Line 90-ball bingo

Two Lines Bingo Game

online bingo 90 ball - Two Lines

Two Lines 90-ball bingo

Full House Bingo Game

online bingo 90 ball - Full House

Full House 90-ball bingo

Strips of Bingo Tickets

90-Ball Bingo is almost always played with Strips of six Tickets. Each Strip contains all 90 numbers distributed throughout the 6 Tickets in a Dab-All format. If a Strip (6 Tickets) is played in one bingo game then every possible number from 1 -90 is covered and therefore, a number is crossed off at each bingo call.