Cash And Prizes Daily At Ladbrokes Bingo

by Penny Walker

Since 17th March Ladbrokes Bingo have been running an additional promotion alongside their impressive game schedule, the Cash And Prizes Daily offer. We are not into the final week of this promotion; it ends on 27th April at 23:59. Every single day between 9pm and 10pm this well-known brand have been hosting special games in the Lounge.

Two of the games in this hour at Ladbrokes Bingo boast tangible prizes as well as the standard pot prize on offer. The other eight games that play have variable cash prizes for the one line, two line and full house winners.

If you visit the promotional page advertising this offer at Ladbrokes you�ll see exactly what is available dependent on the ticket price. Below is an example:

  • Min. cash prize of �37 � 5p tickets � played between 9pm and 10pm

  • Min. cash prize of �60 � 10p tickets � played between 9pm and 10pm

  • Vouchers � min. cash prize of �90 � 20p tickets � played at 9.30pm

  • iPad Mini � min. cash prize of �90 � 20 p tickets � played at 10pm

You can pre-buy for these special games so even if you have plans for the evening, you don�t have to miss out. Simply login to your account, navigate to the Lounge and buy up for the games that whet your appetite. You�re not limited on the number of games you can participate in.

Should you win one of the prizes on offer, you can opt to take cash instead but should note that this will only be 75% of the value of the original prize. For example, the vouchers are valued at �150 (cash value of �112.50) and the iPad Mini is worth �350 (cash value of �262.50).

Should their be a split win on any of the special games with tangible prizes at Ladbrokes Bingo then the full cash value of the prize will be split amongst all eligible winners.