Roomies Get A Great View At Tidy Bingo

by Penny Walker

Tidy Bingo have been as good as their word when it comes to acknowledging that what makes a great bingo site isn�t just the software, the prizes and the flashing lights. No, a great site needs great players. Tidy have always been ready to acknowledge them and a new award for Roomie of the Month gives another chance for loyal players to reap some rewards.

The best thing about the Roomie of the Month prize is that it�s not down to how much you spend. Nope, you can�t buy this prize, it�s about being a good player all around the site and even away from it.

The prize was announced after asking players what they�d like to see at the site. That consultation took place in the Tidy Cupboard, the exclusive room for Tidy Bingo members � or Tidyers � that�s open every Tuesday night from 7pm to 11pm.

What makes a great roomie? Everyone will have their own ideas about that, but according to Tidy, their winners will need to get involved by liking and following Tidy on Twitter and Facebook � and don�t be shy! Talk to Tidy. The same is true in the chat room during the Tidy Cupboard sessions. It�s a great little room with the popular Tidy and the Troops game offering decent prizes and the chance to support Help for Heroes too. You will, of course, have to keep playing at Tidy Bingo, but enter the competitions, do the quizzes, talk to your hosts and fellow players and you could be in with a chance of winning.

The award will be made every month and will include a special profile picture if you want to shout your new status from the roof tops. There are also more tangible prizes and April�s winner will be sloshing their cocktails from an officially licensed eight-piece, stainless steel The Only Way is Essex cocktail set while they toast the 5,000 loyalty points added to their account.

Did you know that there�s a cocktail called the Essex? If you fancy one you�ll need lemon vodka, vodka, peppermint liqueur and blackberry schnapps and a strong head!

Tidy Bingo's new promotion is certainly worth toasting. Get involved now to be the King or Queen of May!

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