Tidy Bingo Rallies the Troops to Help For Heroes Game

by Penny Walker

Tidy Bingo are to be applauded � and saluted, and given a 21 gun salute and a march past � for their continued efforts in support of British troops. A Christmas campaign is now living on as on-going support for Help For Heroes, there�s a great game with generous prizes for players thrown in too.

Bingo and soldiers might not seem the most obvious match. In fact, the great game has been a hit with British soldiers since way back in the 19th century. And why not? It�s easy to play in any location and it passes the time and builds friendships. There are times in British military history when it�s got so popular that the top brass have worried it might be getting out of hand.

Tidy got involved when they heard about a game in Afghanistan that was in desperate need of supplies. They arranged an emergency drop of daubers, cards and some generous prizes. Tidy had hoped to keep a link with the regiment in question going, but sadly the realities of keeping in touch with front line troops has proved too much. But they and their players still wanted to show their support for our brave boys and girls in uniform.

Now Tidy players can show their support with a game raising cash for Help For Heroes. It�s hard to believe the charity for injured servicemen and women has only been with us for seven years, it�s become such a part of the national landscape.

Tidy Bingo now run a Tidy and the Troops game in their new Tidy Cupboard room. Tidy don�t make a single penny from the sales of 25p tickets. The money goes first to players � one line wins �10, two �15 and a full house �25 � then the rest is donated to the charity. You can follow the running total � currently just over the �400 mark � via the Tidy Blog.

Tidy�s Cupboard is a great fun room and there�s no better reason to get involved. Tidy and the Troops is just one of the games on offer, there are chat tournaments all the time too and some excellent banter courtesy of Tidy�s owners, Nickie and Davie, who host the sessions on Tuesday and Friday nights from 7p to 11pm.

Help For Heroes is a registered charity number 1120920 and Tidy Bingo�s event ID is 2014030700009133.